Who should I become?

Puja has just completed her class X exams. She was in a dilemma about her future studies and career choice. She opted to go to a counsellor and took an aptitude test whose results were not on typical lines of society.
She decided to go to meet her teachers. She entered the staff room where all her teachers were seated sipping their morning coffee.
Puja: Good morning ma’am(s)!
Science Teacher: Hello, puja.
Pooja: Ma’m please advise me about choosing my subjects for Grade XI. My parents want me to choose medicine or engineering as a career but I am unable to decide.
Social Teacher: Yes Puja, these days everyone wants to be either a doctor or an engineer. But can you imagine a society having only these two? Every society needs scientists, teachers, bankers, artists, poets, radio jockeys and so on.
Maths Teacher: It has been observed that as the educational qualifications and incomes of parents increased, the inclination for professional education also increased. This explains the recent trend of seeing more rural children opting sciences while urban children opt for professional courses. The reasons given by students for not opting sciences were that they were difficult, costly, poor teaching, no jobs, inadequate motivation, obsolete equipments and computers and so on.
Science Teacher: Now- a- days there is a trend among the students to opt some courses which would make their careers in short time and also provide them employment. However, a thorough knowledge of basic sciences is required to enjoy the spirit and excitement of science.  The students must definitely avoid specialization too early while making a choice of subjects of study. But taking science as a foundation at school has its advantages.
Regarding higher studies too, these graduates have a variety of options viz. M.Sc., PhD., MBA, MCA, MCM, PG Diplomas in the field of their choice, B.Ed., Law, Computers and Information Technology, radiology, biomedical engineers and many more. These subjects are helpful in clearing competitive exams like the IAS, Bank exams, LIC exams, state service commission, so on and so forth.
Puja: Ma’am, this means I can literally reach for the stars by studying science.
Science Teacher: Yes, Puja. Furthermore, study of sciences is not as expensive as medicine or engineering. The government of India also encourages science education by offering various scholarships through their agencies like CSIR, DST etc.
Puja: Oh! Ma’am thanks a lot. You have given me a very clear picture about studying sciences.
Science Teacher: Yes Puja, I can definitely say that education in basic sciences is a rewarding and intelligent choice.
Social Teacher: Yes, Puja your ma’m guided you right but remember choosing the subjects of study is dependant not only on career prospects but also on aptitude. You should always choose subjects that you like and enjoy and are passionate about, then find out what are the career prospects for them. Based on that analysis, you decide which course to study.
Puja: Yes, Ma’m. You are right. I like almost all subjects in school but I think I like Music and Drawing the best but I am not sure how stable a career I can build on that. Maths I do not really enjoy though I do score decent marks.
Maths Teacher: That’s allright, Puja. There are very few people who enjoy maths but it is an essential subject not only for studies and career but in life too. Do not develop a fear or aversion for it. Just as you take on Languages as a means of communication, Maths is the numerical language for any subject.
Puja: No, Ma’m. I wouldn’t do that but given a choice I would rather skip it.
Science Teacher: Take up sciences, pursue your interests in music and drawing as a hobby and let’s see where it will lead you.
Maths Teacher: Yes, that’s a wise choice. But take maths compulsorily.
Social Teacher: I feel you should either do a professional course in Design or go for training in Music in a professional Music college. Career will automatically follow.
Puja thanks all her teachers and goes home and discusses with her parents.
Puja’s mom: I’m sure that you got very useful information and inputs from your teachers. Now we are in a position to take an informed and intelligent decision by carefully weighing all these options along with your aptitude and preferences. Also remember that whatever you choose to do is fine with us. You will have to give your 100% to that. Then your future career will always be bright and rewarding.
Puja: Now I can foresee my future clearly.

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