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Man is always in interaction with people wherever he is and wherever he goes. The importance of people skills and life skills cannot be underestimated. How well we meet , treat and love people makes for a good environment both at work and at home.

Many interviewers ask candidates “Tell me about yourself.” This ‘yourself’ is what we want to groom in a natural way that every being becomes essentially a good person.

At ALPS, we are a close-knit intellectual group striving constantly to provide the best for our client as nothing better than the best is acceptable. A cheerful and happy team we are, to share the knowledge we have and provide it to people so as to cherish this beautiful place, our world.

We at ALPS define world as whatever the geographical boundaries you give it. At a point of time, it is your place of study while it is the place of work later and home for all times to come. The world is more beautiful when we possess and use the best of peoples’ skills and make our lives beautiful. Yes, Life is beautiful.

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Our Team

Prof. Suryakumari Duggirala

Founder President and Faculty-Corporate Communication

Prof Suryakumari Duggirala, a dual masters in economics has varied and versatile experience in teaching, research and industry spanning over 26 years. She is doing her PhD in Microfinance and Women Empowerment.
Prof Surya is the Founder President of The ALPS, The Academy of Life and People Skills. Additionally, she is Faculty for Soft Skills at Amity Global Business School, Chennai, IIKM, Chennai and MOHAN Foundation for HR-OB and Soft Skills. She is a certified Barefoot Counselor, Chennai Counselors Federation.

Placement Grooming has been Prof Surya’s forte at Universities while Stress-Proof Yourself has been one of her popular modules at several prominent schools. Her Employee Engagement modules have won accolades at the Corporate sector.

Prof Surya has taught Economics and Corporate Communications to undergraduate students of engineering, home science, commerce and management and in some of the leading B-Schools (ITM, IIPM, TIME, IIKM besides IBS, Chennai). She has undertaken research in environmental economics at NEERI, CSIR, Nagpur and conducted several socio-economic reviews for national and international projects of UNIDO, UNDP.

Her stint in the corporate sector is with Citi Bank, Chennai where she designed 300+ templates which are in use today.
Prof Surya, a passionate speaker, an avid reader and writer has publications in Soft Skills and Economics. She is a frequent blood donor and has pledged all her organs. She is a regular winner in the National Car Rally for the Visually Impaired and the Duchess Car rally.

Prof. Chitra Mukunnan

HR Specialist-Recruitment & Training

Prof. Chitra, an MBA in Finance and Masters in PM&IR, has over 31 years of corporate, academic and training experience in HR and Soft Skills.

Her prime focus has been to facilitate participants to imbibe Life Skills not merely to step into the corporate world but also to climb the ladder of success in the chosen field with the right soft skills- hard skills combine.

She has developed several (practical) training programs and consultancy services to suit various industries and B schools that provide clients value-added training. 100 per cent Placements has been a consistent record for Prof Chitra.

Prime Areas: Communication, Motivation, Attitude, Personal Growth, Character Building, Group Discussions, Interview Techniques, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Team Building, Leadership Skills.


Dr. Vasuki

Consultant Psychologist

Dr.Vasuki Mathivanan, a doctorate in Psychology is a counseling Psychologist to several schools, colleges and corporate institutes. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of counseling, research and psychometric testing wherein she has conducted various workshops for parents, teachers, and students of many academic institutions.

The mentoring that she gives students is usually followed after an extensive 16PF psychometric testing. She has presented research papers in International conferences, like WAAMA (World Abacus Association of mental Arithmetic) and published research papers, case studies and articles in many journals and books. She is the professional member of Australian Psychological Society, Indian Psychiatric Society and Chennai Counselors’ forum (CCF).

Prime Areas: Mentoring and Counseling, Psychometric Testing and Feedback, Stress Management, Visualisation Techniques and Mnemonics

Mrs. Jyothi Raja

Honorary Speaker- Holistic Learning

Jyothi, is a teacher with a difference. A masters in psychology, she has over 25 years of experience comprising a blend of mentoring, tutoring, developing and motivating children and parents all through the academic life. She has been instrumental in conducting several counseling sessions for parents and students at various platforms of the academicia and social forums like the ROTARY and JAYCEES. Positive thinking, personality issues and ethical norms emphasizing on familial bonding is her forte.

Prime Areas: Positive Thinking, Ethical Behaviour, Stress Management, Family Bonding, Event Management, Organisational Skills


Dr. Sridevi Dutt

Honorary Facilitator-Lateral Thinking


Dr. D. Sridevi a doctorate in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, is Associate Professor and Head of the Dept. of Electronics, L. A. D. College, Nagpur, a pioneering institute of women’s education in central India. She has over 25 research publications to her credit in national and international journals, seminars and conferences. Her current areas of research interest spanning over 25 years are nano-science and technology and solid state physics.

She has been in charge of Training and Placement activities of the college and has organized and conducted many national and international conferences, seminars, poetry festivals and theatre workshops in personality and life skills enhancement. She is also involved in mentoring of students, Human Rights Cell of the college.

Her training modules are interspersed with lateral thinking puzzles and encourage a fusion of creativity and innovation which has generated proactive thinking amongst the participants.

Prime Areas: Innovation, Creativity, Lateral Thinking, Puzzles, Quiz, Thinking on your Feet, Theatre and Drama, Organisational Skills.