Soft Skills and Placement Solutions
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Students, the wealth of the future need guidance in the form of counseling to prepare themselves for their lives.

Parents of school going children are prime players in the success of the young students.

We provide the bonding that is required at this stage for parents, teachers and students in the form of healthy interactive and lively programs to suit all three.

In addition to customized and exclusive programs, The ALPS has designed and conducted regular programs:

  1. Business Correspondence (which includes written- memorandum, report writing, proposals, conduct of meeting, claims etc and spoken English and business etiquette at the corporate),
  2. Soft Skills ( which includes communication skills, presentation skills and interpersonal skills comprising of behavioral skills like assertive skills, negotiation skills, conflict management, stress management, team spirit, leadership skills, etc) and
  3. Placement Grooming (which includes resume writing, group discussion, personal interview)
  4. Corporate Governance, Project Management
  5. Counseling and mentoring employees of various companies.
  1. "Stress proof yourself-Proactive Parenting" for XII students of JHSS, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu
  2. Stress-Proof Children Vis-à-vis Proactive Parents for XI students of JHSS, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu
  3. "The Transition to the Corporate" for the Alumni of Vidyasagar, Chennai ( this is a school for children with special needs)