Learn English by singing and role playing!

These lovely girls were school drop outs.
The NGO, Vajra trained them in martial arts so that they train girls in government schools in self defense. Though few had done vocational courses, inability to speak in english kept their confidence and self esteem low.
I stepped in to coach them in english, which was a challenge as they never ever studied in english medium, and of age groups 20-26, few married and with families, their only priority being employment and an income. 
I started with teaching them to sing simple english songs, role play few situations…and gradually to doing workbooks in grammar.  I recall how posting their videos in social media was so important for them. They were all on facebook, whatsapp..hahaha
Observing that it was a big confidence booster and motivator for the young girls, I promptly leveraged on it!! Happy to share that three of them joined college last year and one of them is doing BA-English Literature, one is now a trained nurse.
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