Healthcare Management and the Role of Clinicians as Managers

MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aided Network) Foundation, Chennai has pioneered the first structured Transplant Coordinators’ Training Program in the Asian subcontinent.  The ALPS is proud to be associated with them year after year. 9th Workshop.

This time the session was on Healthcare Management and the Role of Clinicians as Managers.

Fulfilling day as always.






Linkages – Clinicians & Managers

Which is a better combo – Clinicians and managers as a team or managers with clinical training/experience?

Clinically trained managers enjoy better overall managerial quality as –

  • žIncreased understanding
  • žCredibility
  • žBetter Communication

Hence the need for professional health care management

žBest Practices

  1. žHaving the health of patients and communities as the primary objective of all health service       planning.
  2. žDeveloping models of service delivery that identify and support careers and families.
  3. žEnabling patients and their families to understand and be partners in the planning and delivery of their healthcare by providing information as to where and how to effectively access required support.
  4. žFacilitating access to services as close as possible to patients’ support networks (family and friends).
  5. žProviding culturally sensitive services based on the needs of the people.
  6. žRecognizing the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  7. žEncouraging greater self-responsibility for healthcare.
  8. žImproving the coordination and integration of services so as to present a complete system of healthcare to the patient.
  9. Achieving an appropriate balance of in hospital/out of hospital primary and preventive healthcare services.
  10. Increasing the focus on well-being and the development of primary healthcare strategies.
  11. Improving the level of population health initiatives such as early intervention and illness prevention services.

Improving management at hospitals does increase patient well-being and well-being of health care executives across a wide range of conditions.

More innovative, more productive, more accountable

To end, Management matters!


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