Corporate Culture

Meenakshi joined a multinational bank as a consultant after a break of 7 years. She preferred to be with her kids full-time during their formative years, be supportive to husband’s career changes and travelled with him. Her kids were a confident lot and performed quite well in everything that they did. All the while, her intellect was very much up-to-date and she was adept in all her skills as she had never missed out on her passion, reading and always stepped out immaculately dressed.

The day she and a few more women, some young, some not-so-young joined the bank was still fresh in her mind. The bank was opening up to flexi-time options for the first time. Unknown to her, the full-time employees were all curious about these ‘bunch of aunts’ who were coming in! Unknown to them, these ‘aunts’ were all very savvy, had travelled wide, had perfect careers that they quit for a family life and were generally a very confident lot.

Meenakshi was told to use a particular computer and she was quietly doing her work. A few hours later, a young thing came up to her and said, “This is my computer, aunty. You go there.”

Meenakshi looked at her in amazement. She stood up to her full height of 5’7” and looked down at the cute girl who was all of 5’3” and admonished her, “ If you didn’t know my name, you could have just said, excuse me or if you felt I am very much your senior, you could have said, Ma’m.”

What is corporate culture, by the way – a suave, stylish person in appearance with stilted accent as compared to being well-mannered and polite besides looking clean and neat. Corporate culture comprises all the etiquettes that go to make one pleasant and presentable dress-wise, spoken and written. Say the right things at the right time to the right person, the right way!

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