Cascy Forge Products (P) Ltd

K.Anandraj, Production Engineer

” I have learnt a lot with this training program, how to interact with colleagues at work and how to make myself a stress-less person and to solve problems by myself as much as possible.”

P. Jayabal, Quality Engineer

“This program was very useful for work and to improve our personal attitudes towards work.”

Mercury Fittings (P) Ltd

B. Vinodha Jain,Head-HR

” It was a very good interactive program. I wish I could attend more of this kind of behavioral skills programs so that I can understand my colleagues and team better and act accordingly.”

P. Banumathy, Manager, Planning

” This is the first training class for me. First is Best. I learnt to appreciate my colleagues and am going to proactively seek feedback and am open to all ideas.”

Rishab Engineering (P) Ltd

S.Velayudham, Design & Marketing Manager

” Collected lot of information related to time management, motivation and positive approach which guides me to improve, especially my backlog.”

Saimirra Innopharm (P) Ltd

K.V. Maya, Production Manager

” It was very useful for us to implement in our workplace. Professor was very friendly and explained very nicely.”

Adithya Engg (P) Ltd

P. Ramesh, Quality Manager

” Very useful and innovative”

Avon Seals (P) Ltd

S.Sheeba, HR Manager

” Thank you for the mind-relief program.”

Sudarshan Technologies

E.Jagadeesan, Supervisor

” Thank you for a very informative and useful program.”

Nu-Tech Components

A. Saravanan, Production Supervisor

“It was very professional and helped me a lot.”

SEICOM, Tirupati


“The program was excellent. We learnt a lot from this session and it was enjoyable and helpful to all the students. I would like to thank Prof Surya and Prof Kavitha who conducted the session.”

V. Divya

“It was a wonderful session to ensure students improve their skills. Please visit again.”

School of Management Studies,Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engg

Dr. L.Srinivas, Professor

“Overall, very interesting, practical and useful. Well managed and coverage of skills in the module is good. There is logical connection between activities and corporate life in the modules of the program.”

P.Srinivas, Assistant Professor

“”The Corporate Exec- An MBA Saga” is an amazing program, which is helpful for students to enhance their skills. It is useful for everyone to accustom to any kind work culture without any difficulty.”

Basheerunnisa Sheik

“It is a very good program and we enjoyed a lot and learnt many things. We participated without hesitation and learnt how to behave by observing Prof Surya and Prof Kavitha.

E. Ramesh

“It was really a good experience for me. It was very helpful for my career. Thank you so much.”

Sivaram Prasad.V

“First of all, thank you, ma’m. It was a nice experience. All these days we were thinking only in one perspective but now we realize the other side of problems and issues that are there. It is very useful to all of us who are here today. You have motivated us for the future. Thank you.”

K. Madhulatha

” I would like to have more of this because I am very poor in these and want to acquire more through this kind of workshops to improve soft skills.”

XII Students of JHSS, Neyveli

S.Sai Savithaa

“Please come back soon! Give us a whole day program!!”


“This really made a difference in me. I loved it.”

R. Sakthi

“A right program in a right situation. Thank you so much.”

XI Students of JHSS, Neyveli

R.S. Veerabagu & V.Sundari (Parents)

“This program is really an eye opener. The point that we should not let down our children on his revised decision (in case of failure), prepare them for alternate avenues is a new thing I learnt. Thank you.”

S. Umadevi

“The workshop was very good. We learnt a lot and are confident after the session. I learnt how to have a positive approach. Thank you.”

S. Sindhuja

–” Ma’m, in future I would like to be like you. Very modern, interactive, friendly with leadership qualities.”


“I like her attitude towards time management. The games she conducted were highly innovative and involved everyone. Also loved the chocolates”


“Although the workshop was on the topic stress proofing children, it itself was a stress buster. I enjoyed the games which were very interactive. I liked the workshop very much. Thank you for the experience.”

A. Eshwanth

“It was nice, excellent. I enjoyed the workshop. I have never seen such a great workshop. I have a lot from today’s experience.”


“I really enjoyed-learnt the theories behind ‘ways to success’. Also the program was done in such a way that me and my friends could utilize the whole day effectively. Now I feel very clear headed. Thank you, ma’m.”

M. Amal Jerald

“The workshop was awesome and the ma’m was really friendly. She was simply great in her profession. She led us through the session and encouraged every one of us. I request the one reading this to kindly bring such people for frequent sessions.”

Mohit Gupta

Service Manager Citibank Hyderabad Branch

First of all many congrats from my side to you for starting this academy. I know you are Miss Perfectionist & whatever the task you will take you will do it with full energy & enthusiasm. Also those students who will come to your Institute for learning will be quite lucky that they are getting trained from a teacher like you. All the best for your new assignment.

Sumant Shayan

Analyst-(Knowledge Management) Research & Innovation Deloitte- Hyderabad

The most helpful modules for me were the Assertive skills and Team Building exercises. It helped me in resolving a lot of dilemma I had as far as interacting with other individuals was concerned. Now I feel much more confident in my approach.

Sreekanth PVS

Equity Research Associate Angel Broking Bombay

Wherever and whenever I had a chance to interact with the team ALPS, I learnt something….and that something has proved to be of lot of importance… where the key learning lies is, a variety of viewpoints that I got from all the members of the team… the best part: the whole team is superb and fun to interact with and offer a lot of learning…

Asna Rahman

Senior Officer, Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait, Hyderabad

I am thankful to the ALPS team for shaping my career. All the modules especially the Stress management and the Corporate Ethics modules are awesome, helped me to blend into corporate life .Corporate Life is entirely different and values count more than your academic achievements. Corporate Ethics help to show how you are different from others and it has helped me to prove myself.

Komal Gupta

PGDBM Intern- Mu Sigma solutions, Bangalore

“Communication officially in one’s corporate life is not that simple. I experienced this during my internship in a US based company, where I needed to interact with my colleagues as well as the top management; you have to be formal yet not emotionless. At this time, learnings from Surya Ma’m’s corporate communication classes came as a boon to me. Effective Communication is not a challenge any more. I already know what is a memo, report, proposal, e-mail and telephone etiquettes, all thanks to Ma’m’s Business Communication module. The way she teaches is really inspiring, as it motivates one and all to speak and listen effectively. She has a lot of patience and always encourages and appreciates everyone. I can never forget her one liner- eat english, drink english and sleep english….and finally breathe – in breathe out English! Thanks a ton, ma’m! ”

Varun Arora

Branch Manager-Sales,ICICI Bank Ltd

People Skills is an indispensable tool for success.A little bit of training can work wonders towards building an enriching and successful career. Thanks Prof. Surya for all the help extended in this regard.

Jitendra Shekhar

Manager-Wealth, ICICI Bank Ltd

ALPS provides great opportunities for innovation, growth and learning. It goes beyond the realm of the monotonous teaching scenario and focuses on the overall development of its participants, the institute ensures that the participants are involved in various activities and events which make being in ALPS a delightful experience.

Radhika Thota

II PGDBM-ITM,Chennai Intern-BHEL, Hyderabad

I have been an active participant in many modules of Corporate Communication that Surya Ma’m conducted for us. All her modules are highly interactive and activity based that is followed by feedback which ma’m is able to make us ourselves realize and understand during the course of the module. I was impressed by the significance of hearing, listening, imbibing, retaining and incorporating what one heard/ listened to in the Listening Skills Module. Till then I never thought this was such an important part of communication. By this,one can gauge the indepthness of the skill to which ma’m trains us.

Dr.V.Renuka Devi

Head of the Department of Economics, Ethiraj College for Women

A Fun – Filled Afternoon! Career counseling was what students thought the afternoon of 8th July was about. But, it was much more than that – “The Eco Gal- Way to Go!. Prof. Suryakumari’s humility and her cheerful nature impressed the crowd immensely. She assigned a few students to do a role-play. A quiz on economics was the next entertaining event, yielded amazing info like Shah Rukh Khan, a student of economics. Next, a crossword on the popular terms in economics was tackled . The role-play, in which students essayed the roles of well-known faces like Mukesh Ambani, Kapil Sibal, Barkha Dutt, etc.It took the form of a television show where the businessmen and the farmers debated for and against the development of an industry on agricultural land. In the end, when I suggested the solution of setting up an agro based industry in the land so that both parties would be benefitted, Prof. Suryakumari stated, “There sits a true conomist.” Prof Surya and her colleague, Ms.Kavitha, followed this by a presentation on the career prospects for economists. All students had fun & learning, a career counselling session- very unique and distinguished one. She showed in a subtle manner the use of soft skills in all aspects of life, especially for teachers like us.

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