Build a Bridge – Leadership Surprises from kids!

The importance of ‘a leader to emerge naturally’.

Participants: School kids, Grade 8-11

Activity: Build a bridge

Materials Given: Newspapers, glue, adhesive tape, stapler, rubber band, colour papers and ribbons for decoration

Additional Instructions: Be creative, Name your bridge, landmarks around/above/below, bridge to be connected to a road, signboards, and sufficiently strong to place a lightweight book on it.

I did not designate any team leader.


1. Team that had all of same age..ego clashes. No one listening to the other.

2. Team that had the ‘perhaps the academic brilliant’, he/she would not listen to others, even if his/her idea was impractical.

3. Team that had 1 ‘cool’ kid, perhaps the school’s Ms/Mr Popular got nothing done.

4. Team that had 1-2 older/senior kids and rest younger/junior kids made the best bridge meeting all criteria.

During debrief it was only the last team that said, 1 child took the lead and the rest executed along with him. All other teams said, they all worked together and we were a TEAM!!

Guess we can spot many adults in the same boat…well, the child in us never grows, huh?!!


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