Excuse me, I do not drink.

The module was ‘assertive skills’ and I gave situations to my MBA students for role playing them. One group had this – “A group of your friends are forcing you to go to the pub which you do not like.

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Communicate your intentions

Many a time at work or at home, we go through situations where we are not understood. We mean good but the way we say it, the listener gets it wrong. If he had only said: ‘I do what I

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Don’t Worry – Be Happy

The lines of this yesteryear song by Bobby Mc Ferrin rang in my ears when I was reading this beautifully written article by Rajiv Vij. Totally agree, everything is in the mindset. If we tune ourselves to take things always in the

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The role of HR in making india an economic super power
Mr Mukesh Ambani in his article " A leader for a Global India Inc" has stated that economic prophets have billed India as an emerging global economic superpower. The imperative of turning these prophecies into reality is compelling. ...
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The S Curve of Success: Harness Goals and Vision through Emotional Quotient
Observation of Learning or Success at work reveals that growth can be typically fitted on an S- Curve. Both are usually a bit slow and gradual at the outset, then proceed at a dramatic speed and once a peak is achieved, the so-called...
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The Power of Emotional Resilience
The quality of relationships determines the effectiveness of emotional resilience during any emotional or physical crisis. Proper management of relationships helps to bounce back from adversity so that one can be more flexible and resilient in stressful situations...
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4th D Woman
Kavitha S Daniel talks to women who are working on their terms and managing a perfect balance of home and career. It might mean losing out on the perks of a job, but the contentment makes up for it ...
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