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Some of the regular programs, the ALPS Faculty conduct on an on-going process are:

  1. Business Correspondence (which includes written- memorandum, report writing, proposals, conduct of meeting, claims etc and spoken English at the corporate),
  2. Soft Skills ( which includes communication skills, presentation skills and interpersonal skills comprising of behavioral skills like assertive skills, negotiation skills, conflict management, stress management, team spirit, leadership skills, etc) and
  3. Placement Grooming (which includes resume writing, group discussion, personal interview)
  4. Corporate Governance, Project Management
  5. Counseling and mentoring employees of various corporate.

In addition, The ALPS has designed and conducted exclusive programs for the following institutes:

  1. The Eco gal- Way to go” for Students of Economics, Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai
  2. “Campus to corporate – a Transitional Journey” for SEICOM, Tirupati
  3. “The Corporate Exec – An MBA Saga” for School of Management Studies, Laki Reddy Bali Reddy College of Engg, Mylawaram, Vijayawada.
  4. “Stress proof yourself-Proactive Parenting” for XII students of JHSS, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu
  5. “Bon Appetit – Bonding the goodie-foodie way”, a theme based program for employees & families of Mahindra Satyam, Chennai
  6. “HR-OB & Soft Skills” for Diploma in Transplant Coordinators and Grief Counseling, IGNOU-MOHAN Community College, Chennai

Custom-made Programs of Q1, 2012:

  1. Business Communication Assessment for the Admission process of ICICI-NIIT University
  2. Merchant Banking-Raising Funds” for MSME Development Institute, Ministry of Medium, Small, Micro Enterprises, Govt of India.
  3. Stress-Proof Children Vis-à-vis Proactive Parents for XI students of JHSS, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu
  4. “Employee Engagement-Dynamic Relations at Work” for members of AIEMA Technology Centre, Chennai.
  5. “Cross Cultural Communication and Ethnocentrism” for MBA students of Amity School of Business, Chennai.
  6. “Attitudes at Work- Towards enhanced Employee Engagement” for employees of Avon Seals Pvt Ltd., Chennai.
  7. “Economic Environment of India” E-Learning Module for IMT, Ghaziabad.
  8. “ Campus to Corporate” 2 day interactive workshop for MBA Students of IIKM, Chennai
  9. “The Transition to the Corporate” for the Alumni of Vidyasagar, Chennai ( this is a school for children with special needs)

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