We provide short term and long term projects, indoor and outdoor ranging from workshops to training packages.
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We provide guidance as to the right choice of career a student can ideally take given his aptitude and proficiency
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Students, the wealth of future need guidance in the form of counseling to prepare themselves for their lives
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Client speak

"I have learnt a lot with this training program, how to interact with colleagues at work and how to make myself a stress-less person and to solve problems by myself as much as possible."
K.Anandraj, Production Engineer ,Cascy Forge Products (P) Ltd

"This program was very useful for work and to improve our personal attitudes towards work."
P. Jayabal, Quality Engineer,Cascy Forge Products (P) Ltd

"It was a very good interactive program. I wish I could attend more of this kind of behavioral skills programs so that I can understand my colleagues and team better and act accordingly."
B. Vinodha Jain,Head-HR,Mercury Fittings (P) Ltd

"This is the first training class for me. First is Best. I learnt to appreciate my colleagues and am going to proactively seek feedback and am open to all ideas."
P. Banumathy, Manager, Planning, Mercury Fittings (P) Ltd

"Collected lot of information related to time management, motivation and positive approach which guides me to improve, especially my backlog."
S.Velayudham, Design & Marketing Manager, Rishab Engineering (P) Ltd

"It was very useful for us to implement in our workplace. Professor was very friendly and explained very nicely."
K.V. Maya, Production Manager, Saimirra Innopharm (P) Ltd

" Very useful and innovative."
P. Ramesh, Quality Manager, Adithya Engg (P) Ltd

" Thank you for the mind-relief program."
S.Sheeba, HR Manager, Avon Seals (P) Ltd

"Thank you for a very informative and useful program."
E.Jagadeesan, Supervisor, Sudarshan Technologies

"It was very professional and helped me a lot."
A. Saravanan, Production Supervisor, Nu-Tech Components